We can redream this world and make the dream come real. -Ben Okri

I first read this quote while studying traditional dance in Ghana. The words leapt from the page, affirming my belief that we can create change in this world. I was a junior in college and these words became an anchor.

Since then, I have been an urban high school teacher, a Dean, and a criminal justice reformer. I have become a mother, an educator, and a writer. Each role and identity has been in the service of change, equity, justice, and love.

So too, it is with writing. I write to give voice to stories untold. I write to broaden the narratives that shape our beliefs and society. I write because representation matters and children deserve to be given windows to the world and mirrors of their experiences.

I write to redream this world.

I write to make the dream come real.

Let us journey together.